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Question: How is the deepest swamp like a tough government proposal?

Answer: Although there are big rewards on the other side, getting there is risky, labor intensive, and costly.

The good news: you can walk on water if you know where the stumps are hidden.

Only the Waverly Group writes winning proposals hands-on…

… and does it better, faster, and cheaper than your team could, even with a lot of overtime.

Waverly’s repeat customers say our approach to proposals is unique.

A multi-level word cloud captures the key areas of lean expertise Waverly brings to your proposal team.

Performance Appraisal:
Thank you for your support on the proposal. We got the news today that we won the base IDIQ contract and the first four task orders!
Performance Appraisal:
This version of the proposal will be a masterpiece. What an excellent team you have. A superb job. You will be my first thought in the future.
Performance Appraisal:
We greatly appreciate the diligence, thoroughness, and flexibility your team provides every time. I’d trust you folks with just about anything.
Performance Appraisal:
Waverly contributed significantly. From problem set understanding, to content creation, to final touches they performed extraordinarily.

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